Kit and Ace Hanging Light

Client: Kit and Ace, Milwaukee, WI
Media: Stained Ash, Machined Acrylic, Copper Rods, LED
Date: 2015

Project: Central light fixture and cash register light fixture for new Kit and Ace retail store in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward

Challenges: Design and create a fixture that embodies the client’s identity.

Solutions: Elementally, the loom shuttle has been a part of the long history and tradition of fabrics. Its slender sculptural form with an opening has natural tendencies to be an illumination object. Formally, randomly interlocking fibers at the micro level creates the quality and beauty cashmere possesses. Interpreting this generative process, the shuttles are nested tightly by way of random rotation to pack the bounding volume in order to intensify illumination.  In addition, the resultant form is dynamic in the round with no two similar views.