from concept to completion

We work directly with clients, architects, interior designers, general contractors, and as a member of integrated project delivery teams.  We execute specific working agreements with clear deliverables for every project type so paperwork does not get in the way of an amazing result.

Utilizing a cutting-edge design studio and digital fabrication shop (including robots!), as well as a wide network of artisans and production and installation specialists, we are your trusted guide for even the most complex projects.


a la carte art

Do you have a small to medium size space that needs a custom wall panel or suspended art piece? We made this book for you! It is filled with great examples of how to incorporate our pieces into just about any space.

architectural art

Does your business or institution’s space need to convey a specific, meaningful message? We can help. See an example of how we do this is this video. It chronicles DF working with our client to reinvent a dental practice through a holistic, art-filled environment, with phenomenal results!

signature sculptures

This video highlights the process by which our team creates our most notable pieces through the lens of one of our most dynamic and innovative pieces: Dragon


Browse at your liesure to see what types of work we have done and been recognized for.

Design Fugitives combines art and architecture

The Milwaukee BizTimes wrote a feature on Design Fugitives and our sculpture, Dragon, that is hanging in the new 833East office high-rise in downtown Milwaukee. The article was published in September 2016.

Vatican Observatory Foundation Newsletter

The Vatican Observatory Foundation Newsletter published a great article showcasing our CodaWorx Award-Winning Baldacchino designed for the Church of St. Mary Magdalen in Grand Rapids, MI.

CODAmagazine "Light As Art"

Our Cosmic Ecclesiastical Baldacchino was featured in CODAworx’s January CODAmagazine “Light As Art”

Milwaukee Mag

We were featured as up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Milwaukee to keep an eye on in January 2015.

Mobile Design Box

In 2015, we were invited to host a gallery at SARUP’s Mobile Design Box. Our exhibit, entitled “Patterns,” was displayed for a couple months, along with presentations given by our partners.

CODAworx Merit Award

In 2015, our Cosmic Ecclesiastic Baldacchino received a CODAworx Merit Award for being one of the top Liturgical designs of the year.

In Search of Dark Matter

In November 2012, Design Fugitives presented a lecture for UW-Milwaukee SARUP’s Lecture Series. The lecture, entitled “In Search of Dark Matter,” spoke on the search for new connections and relationships – in a word: integration – the integration of designing and making and of project and product.

The Fabricator - "Holy Fabrication Work!" wrote an article about Design Fugitives featuring our ecclesiastic work – specifically the pieces created for St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Grand Rapids, MI.

CODAmagazine "Suspended in Space"

In April 2014, Design Fugitives’ “Light Mobile” was featured in CODAworx’s CODAmagazine “Suspended in Space.”

Adaptation: The Suits, Rebels, Humanitarians, and Visionaries

We were featured as “The Rebels” of the architecture industry in the American Institute of Architects’ Fall 2011 scholarly journal: “Adaption.”

Tangents - Design Emergent Practice

Tuan Tran wrote an article in 2012 for the Architecture and Design Journal of Young Architects about the inspiration for the formation of Design Fugitives and what the anticipated next steps for the company would be.

Design Fugitives: "Take That, Recession"

Archilepsy Magazine – Issue 3, 2011 – featured a profile of Design Fugitives in our early days, when DF was an 8-person co-op.

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