Hank Aaron State Trail

Client: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Milwaukee, WI
Media: Corten Steel, Mild Steel, Concrete
Date: 2014

Project: Hank Aaron State Trail Trailhead Signage

Challenges: Being approached by people with the DNR who tasked us with pushing the design of these pieces a little beyond other DNR pieces.  They wanted us to create a visual language that responded to the trail’s history, its topography, and its users.  Also, we were working with about 4 tons of steel, which is heavy.

Solutions: We abstracted the idea of the trail – a connector through a series of differentiated urban and natural forms – into the form of glaciers both cutting through and forming variegated forms of the landscape.  The visual of both signs is a snapshot of this process.

Pieces Created:  Corten “Glacial Erratics” Sculptural Signage for the Hawley Road Trailhead and Stainless Steel “Glacial Erratics” Sculptural Signage for the Pierce St Trailhead