We previously discussed who Design Fugitives is, as a company, so our current series of blog posts are going to give some insight into who we are individually. Our diverse personalities are what make dF such a unique and creative company. Enjoy “The Fugitives of Design Fugitives.”

Lauren Collage

Lauren bravely moved to Milwaukee in January of 2014. She arrived in the frigidly cold and snowy climate on a Friday, found an apartment over the weekend, and started at Design Fugitives that Monday. It would be 3 months before the snow would melt and she finally saw the ground in Milwaukee. Lauren is no stranger to the midwest, but her hometown of Evansville, Indiana – only five minutes from Kentucky – doesn’t get quite as much snow as Milwaukee does.

Lauren received her BSC from BSU (Bachelors of Science from Ball State University, that is!). She then hopped across the pond to the University College London for graduate school where she earned her Master of Architecture degree in Experimental Digital Fabrication from their architecture school, The Bartlett. She chose her career path because she found it combined her interests in art and physics. As children, Lauren and her twin sister enjoyed experimenting and making new things. Their favorite toy was their Easy Bake Oven, although it saw more melted crayons than cakes or brownies.

direct supply 30_detailLauren’s favorite medium has since evolved from melted crayons to aluminum. Its lightweight and rust-resistant properties open up more options when constructing metal sculptures, which explains one of the reasons the Direct Supply 30th Anniversary sculpture, a 30-foot LED-lit sculpture made from water-jet cut aluminum and dichroic acrylic panels, is one of her favorite projects that she’s worked on at Design Fugitives. In addition to the aluminum, Lauren’s favorite part of the sculpture was the data embedded into it with each employee’s signature laser-etched into the acrylic panels. Plus, it was a project where Lauren had the opportunity to touch on every aspect of the process – from the engineering to parametric input to fabrication.

When she’s not working on projects for Design Fugitives, Lauren likes to utilize the shop to build furniture for her own apartment or gifts for her friends and family. She’s assimilating well into Milwaukee and its history of making, which is one of her favorite things about the city.Lauren Facts However, still being somewhat new to “The Good Land,” she also spends her free time trying out new things in Wisconsin – like catching a show at the Pabst Theatre, heading to “My Office” for a beer afterward, or even learning how to ice fish in the winter (someone please take her!)

The best piece of advice she said she was ever offered was to embrace the discomfort of trying new things or visiting new places; that’s how you know it’s worthwhile. Describing herself as tenacious, resourceful, and inquisitive, Lauren’s curiosity has always been sparked by multiple varied and occasionally unrelated topics, such as dumpster diving to building a 3d printer. A friend of hers once told her that he couldn’t figure her out, as she didn’t fit nicely into any of his preconceived labels. Luckily, her curious nature perfectly fits in with the team at Design Fugitives.

Make sure you check back next month to learn about the rest of this team of Fugitives!